Sunday, May 30, 2021

Sarah’s poem-Bubble Joy

There's bubbles 

bursting in the air 

a sign of friendship 

the bubble can't contain 

the size of our friendship 

through thick and thin 

to thick way down 

only a breath 

fresh air 

lift us up 

the thin is 

the waitlist 


hang in the air 

careful this time 

to touch 

an elbow will suffice

tears bring back 

the memories 


that our eyes remember 

the touch 

the warmth 

our hearts 

bursting bubbles of 


Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Sheryl's Poem

I have been hiding in books

Lost in books to keep my head

occupied away from what’s out


For the last 12 months I’ve read

about a book a week short and 

long kept me reading mysteries 

novels and even a book about


I thank my librarians when I see

them working so hard to get me 


When I find one I like I buy more 

to share with my grandchildren &


The escape carries me into the

problems of others whether it be 

a lost dog, remnants of an illness 

or the trials and tribulations of 


I figured if people could survive

both sides of the war home and 

the battlefield I could survive a 


Friday, March 27, 2020


Keep your head above the clouds
Away from the doldrums below
Choosing each day to breathe 

Wednesday, February 5, 2020


Tears right now    
I didn’t know they were there
Thoughts and feelings
Tucked far away
Old sorrows surface
When new sorrows arrive
Yes I can forgive
But the hurt remains
Years upon years
How far back does it go
Adulthood started
With a lack of boundaries
Putting them in place caused
A ruckus
I see what I have done
I taught you my chid
How to make boundaries
To protect yourself as
I placed boundaries to
Protect me
I don’t understand your boundaries and why you won’t let me in.
I pray for understanding and peace.
Tears for healing

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Blue Moon

Blue Moon
Is it love or depression

a canyon of grief
too big to hold

Once in a blue moon
I come to you

You're not there
Oh moon, don't fail me now

First kiss was under the moon 
beneath the Transamerica Pyramid

I lost myself in you

Only to return on my own
Blue Moon

Show me the way 
the way to keep my path straight

the way to release my demons
the way to carry only what I need

A full heart with
the space to welcome a full moon

Full of promises

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Lost Love Dream

Funny, today I had a dream  
You dressed as a woman
Speaking at a women’s symposium
About finances
You know nothing about
I was irked when you skirted a question
I really wanted to hear the answer 

At some point I got close enough to you to say 
I liked your wig
You had the ugliest beige grandma shoes
Mrs. Doubtfire was better than you

Later at a gathering you got my attention 
poking me in the side
Your wig was askew
I couldn’t get far enough away from you

Tuesday, June 4, 2019


Small specks of dust
Illuminate the light 
Of voices unseen 
Forging ahead 
In the darkness 
With memories of
Our ancestors 
And stories of 
our ancestors’ ancestors 
A candle keeps watch 
Amid the faded image 
Of their likeness 
May I walk the earth 
To carry their visage
To make their memory