Wednesday, May 25, 2022

On Days Like These

On days like these

Be the change 

Change What 

Our tears

Our children 


There aren’t enough words 

On radio

On social media 

On television 

Are newspapers read anymore 

Words to comfort the grieving 

Words to comfort our hearts

Words to comfort the masses


We ask again 

And again 

Only to write another poem 


Thursday, February 17, 2022

Death by Avocado

My writing of late has been quite an underachievement, so I have come to rely on writing prompts to get my juices flowing. Firing up my writing prompt of the day I found these innocuous words: Put your favorite fruit in a life or death situation. This is how I came to write “Death by Avocado”. The avocado is not just my favorite fruit, but my favorite food, as well. “Food of the gods,” I call it. Though some may quibble that the avocado is not a fruit, but a vegetable. Last time I checked, fruits come with seeds and only one seed is necessary as in the case of the avocado or the banana. Well the banana is a close runner up to my favorite fruit, but need I digress.

Many a day I thought, “What would be the best way to free my life from my ex-husband.” I thought of warfarin, rat poison, which is used to treat blood clots and readily available. Thanks to advances in medicine now there are other drugs like Xarelto to keep you from stroking out. Other poison options would be strychnine or oleander. I had no idea how to obtain either or how to mix just the right potion to do the lethal damage. Thankfully, I didn’t have to go the poisoning route. Nor did I need to wish him a heart attack. I was relieved of my excess baggage without the risk of going to jail.

In a wind thrashing wet storm a branch from my father’s avocado tree came down because it couldn’t sustain the weight of the hundreds of fruit and the added water. My former husband, who to my chagrin still lived on the property, upon inspecting the damage to the tree was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or the right time as I saw it. Avocados are known to fall like coconuts. At my father’s ranch we heard many a fruit make a hard thud on the plastic corrugated roof of the patio. We were always alarmed and wished Chicken Little had given his warning, “The sky is falling.” So when my ex took a closer look at the storm damage, he was struck on the center of the crown which triggered a fall. Coming down his head struck a rock at just the right spot. Death was instantaneous. Thus, Death by Avocado. Another reason to love this fruit.

What will tomorrow’s prompt be?

©April 2016

Friday, January 14, 2022

The Box of Real Life

My life has been so scattered

With too many opened boxes

Which one do I take care of next

Each one hurts

but in a different way

Pain pills don’t take away 

all the pain

Try forgiveness 

The pain is still there

Keeping me from the joy in life

Those scattered boxes

Some closed tight

Some half empty

Empty, at least one

To be refilled with JOY,


the crap once stored inside 

My heart is open 

positive possibilities

                 the box of real life

Friday, December 3, 2021

Water the Moon

Water the moon
Watch the crescent grow
What's mine is yours
But I don't have to share
You are gone
Over the rainbow
Back to Georgia 
Eating them pancakes
Swinging with Gwendolyn 
Catch that crescent moon
Water make it grow

November 2, 2021

A Poem For Ricky

Look over the horizon

Look for the hummingbird

Look for the face of frowns




Looking from the ground up

Again, here again

Bones, my broken bones

Pride, my shattered pride




My broken spirit

Anger seeps through

Embarrassed once more

Look for my friend

Look for the strength

Look for the courage

to get back up again and again

Let not my fear get in the way

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Sarah’s poem-Bubble Joy

There's bubbles 

bursting in the air 

a sign of friendship 

the bubble can't contain 

the size of our friendship 

through thick and thin 

to thick way down 

only a breath 

fresh air 

lift us up 

the thin is 

the waitlist 


hang in the air 

careful this time 

to touch 

an elbow will suffice

tears bring back 

the memories 


that our eyes remember 

the touch 

the warmth 

our hearts 

bursting bubbles of 


Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Sheryl's Poem

I have been hiding in books

Lost in books to keep my head

occupied away from what’s out


For the last 12 months I’ve read

about a book a week short and 

long kept me reading mysteries 

novels and even a book about


I thank my librarians when I see

them working so hard to get me 


When I find one I like I buy more 

to share with my grandchildren &


The escape carries me into the

problems of others whether it be 

a lost dog, remnants of an illness 

or the trials and tribulations of 


I figured if people could survive

both sides of the war home and 

the battlefield I could survive a