Tuesday, June 4, 2019


Small specks of dust
Illuminate the light 
Of voices unseen 
Forging ahead 
In the darkness 
With memories of
Our ancestors 
And stories of 
our ancestors’ ancestors 
A candle keeps watch 
Amid the faded image 
Of their likeness 
May I walk the earth 
To carry their visage
To make their memory

Tuesday, May 21, 2019


Scanning the downtown skyline
Oakland, California

The Tribune Tower stands tall
marking the blocks where business turns 

Inside the city landscape
the clock marks off time of long ago

What’s below the elegant structure?
Do you see the dirty sidewalks

Illuminated by a full moon
Gutters filled with a river of refuse

escaping to the underground sewer
Sidewalks cracked with uneven payment

A small wind sends a chill
over the bundle huddled

in the entryway of an abandoned storefront
Nearby books are stacked inside safe

No use for the homeless man 
making the streets his home

His silent eyes peer into nothingness 
Another lonely sleepless night


Friday, May 10, 2019

Happier Days

Riding BART home from Berkeley
Writing in my journal
Longing for happier days
Passing by my favorite movie theater
Smelling the delicious buttery popcorn
Remembering time with my most recent lover

Myriad times we made the trip
Into culturally diverse Berkeley
Local independent movies
Visuals beget a new world view
Foreign dialogue music to my ears
Full of unfamiliar voices

Finding I'm on the wrong train
Writing this poem, so engrossed
Yearning for happier days
Loving my lover who went away
Waiting for the right train to take me home

Thursday, April 4, 2019


Fatigue gets to me
Ennui holds me back
Unkind words hurt my soul
I shall rise
To be bolder 
Accepting my circumstances 
Choosing friends 
Full of heart
Writing poems 
soothes my soul 
As trusted confidants 
bring me to a better light 
The sun shall rise everyday 
I choose to rise like  

Tuesday, April 2, 2019


Weeping for a breath of fresh air
Mystical rain on my cheeks
Bones tired wanting rest
Mind swallowed by elusive eyesight
Feet moving unbalanced
Sounds making blank static
My beating heart muffled

Out of touch
Wanting more
Getting less
Waiting patiently

Supposing my ills will transform with relief

Monday, April 1, 2019

The Nation’s Fool

Today is a national holiday
Our nation’s leader
Is not even a Shakespearean fool
Happy Day of Fools
Keep your wits about you.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Out Of Grasp

I try hard
to overcome hurdles
fast approaching
Yet in every sense of the word 

I feel like a failure
Get closer to the prize
Before it slips away
Buy that lottery ticket

    full of hope    fingers crossed

Pinching pennies to pay the rent 
Swinging high     but not enough 
to release all my troubles 
Running to catch the bus 
watching it go by
the bus stop    a mere 500 feet away

Grasping a beautiful rose
pricking my fingers
Luscious plump berries

hiding behind a cave of thorns 
Extending my hand toward
ripe fruit on the tree
avocados, apricots, pomegranates

The car breaking down
before the next paycheck 

Speeding reading the library book 
finishing after due date
Are late fees a sin?

Needing more drugs
to stave off depression
I feel like I’m running
behind the pack
I wake up each day
to start anew
I put a smile on my face
to fake it

All my insecurities and woes
put into a bottomless pot
shoved high above on the shelf 

Yet    still within reach
Why can’t my uncertainties be out of grasp?

Does the imposter syndrome ever find a cure?