Sunday, March 24, 2019

Out Of Grasp

I try hard
to overcome hurdles
fast approaching
Yet in every sense of the word 

I feel like a failure
Get closer to the prize
Before it slips away
Buy that lottery ticket

    full of hope    fingers crossed

Pinching pennies to pay the rent 
Swinging high     but not enough 
to release all my troubles 
Running to catch the bus 
watching it go by
the bus stop    a mere 500 feet away

Grasping a beautiful rose
pricking my fingers
Luscious plump berries

hiding behind a cave of thorns 
Extending my hand toward
ripe fruit on the tree
avocados, apricots, pomegranates

The car breaking down
before the next paycheck 

Speeding reading the library book 
finishing after due date
Are late fees a sin?

Needing more drugs
to stave off depression
I feel like I’m running
behind the pack
I wake up each day
to start anew
I put a smile on my face
to fake it

All my insecurities and woes
put into a bottomless pot
shoved high above on the shelf 

Yet    still within reach
Why can’t my uncertainties be out of grasp?

Does the imposter syndrome ever find a cure?

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Dia de los Muertos

small specs of dust
illuminate the light

of voices unseen
Forging ahead

in the darkness
with memories of

our ancestors 
and stories of 

our ancestors’ ancestors
A candle keeps watch

amid the faded images
of their likenesses 

May I walk the earth 
to carry their vestiges

to make their memory

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Poem for Mag

Make love happen

I don’t do poems

Do something Marvelous today

Getting a poem eludes me

Making merry

High school poetry bored me

Mansions of clouds on high

For me poems aren’t sensible

Listen to the tender Muse

I ask why poetry doesn’t follow the grammar rules

A penny in my pocket is all the Money needed

Misfits of society poets be, not me

Removing the Mask

The poems of Frost and Brooks make me wonder 

Make up a new face

I’m confused is a sonnet a poem?

Poetry and music don’t go together

Mostly I love music, not poems

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Stupid Song

A poem for Ms. Hayes

Sitting in the coffeeshop
Waiting for prince charming to show

Music channels in
That Song

I remembered how I loved it
and wished to be close to you

How I was jealous of you dancing
with Gladys to the kool tunes

Soothing the soul away
My soul wasn’t soothed

Every time I heard it I was
dismayed with the memory

of the loss I felt with you
holding another

I hoped for the day when the memory
would fade

The memory not have a hold on me
the hurt I wished to be released from

Time passed 
I felt free

But that Stupid Song made me 
cry today

It wasn’t prince charming’s song
But another lover’s

Prince Charming kept me waiting

Friday, May 4, 2018

Alexander's Poem

Little boy lost on the streets of Oakland
                     It is hard
                     Hard it is

Moving south to the gliding
smooth sailing of the easy life
                       No strife
                       No heartache
                       No fear
I am coming home to the place
Where arms are waiting for me

It once was
That part of me
                    Breeding strength
                    Breeding Greatfulness
                    For the strife

How can it be
Make sense
How out of the pit
I've come
                    To shine once more
                    No pain to return back to

Once was
Once gone
No more

                      Eyes upon the sky
                      Not what was
                      Once before
The tables turn
The tide shifts
What once was 
Now breeds gratitude

Tuesday, April 24, 2018


The truck runneth over me
Like a phoenix
I shall return
I guess
I question
I know
What lies ahead is
Yet a hard climb
Baby steps
One by one
With each rock I conquer
With each blade of grass
I pass
The heart broken once
The heart broken twice
The heart broken thrice
Burnt bridges surmount
Extend the olive branch
The bird returns
To accept new challenges
Pretend I’m whole
To the day
I am whole

Unstoppable I am

Friday, April 6, 2018

Mother/Cat Love Poem

My mother thinks I'm a cat lady
That I love cats
Indiana Ashley Puck I have loved
Mijo is my current lover boy
Mother's love is best